Product Review: Hydropothecary’s CBD Elixir spray

Product Review: Hydropothecary’s CBD Elixir spray

The Elixir of lifetime exists, as well as the news that is best is, it is very easy to get.

okay, Elixir CBD created by Quebec-based certified producer Hydropothecary is not really the Elixir of Life, however it’s pretty close.

Elixir CBD is really A mct that is sublingual oil with a little peppermint oil to offer it a brand new taste. Being sublingual, meaning it’s administered under the tongue, the Elixir starts to work with about thirty minutes, that is much less time compared to a swallowed oil or edible would simply take to begin working.

Weighing in at 55 mg of CBD per ml, it is the concentration that is highest of CBD for sale in Canada. There’s a hint of THC in there also, simply adequate to assist in the entourage effect (the proven fact that you will need all elements of the cannabis plant for the maximum impact that is therapeutic and never sufficient to produce psychoactive results.

As an additional benefit, any time you spray, your lips gets a wakeup of mint, and exactly how can that ever be considered a bad thing? Continue reading “Product Review: Hydropothecary’s CBD Elixir spray”